Banyan Tree Events is a premier cultural organization of India, known for its world class presentations. It works with special focus on discovering and nurturing the rich cultural heritage of rare, traditional performing arts featuring the finest of artists from across India and other countries. We have been in the forefront in creating unique music and dance festivals of international standards for over 18 years now.  Some notable examples of our national annual events in India are:

Ruhaniyat - The Largest national Sufi & Mystic Music festival that travels to 10 cities
Barkha Ritu - The biggest all India Monsoon Music festival that travels to 8 cities
Dakshinayan - A treat of Carnatic music (Classical music from south India)
The Splendor of Mastersfeaturing all time greats from India and other countries
Teen Prahar - a day-long unique musical concert with upcoming artists


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About Ruhaniyat:

Ruhaniyat- The Sufi & Mystic Music Festival was conceived by Mahesh Babu, the Managing Director of Banyan Tree Events and Nandini Mahesh, in the year 2001. This festival, which is best described as the call of the soul, is in the 14th year of its existence and travels to 10 cities across India. Since its first edition in Mumbai, it has featured more than 3000 immensely talented carriers of living traditions from remote parts of India and other countries including some very talented musician and Dervishes from Turkey.

Ruhaniyat, the name says it all; indeed it is a soulful event that brings alive the messages of great Sufi saints and Mystics of a bygone era;  immortal, inspiring works that talk of total surrender of ego, overcoming hatred, universal brotherhood, peace, harmony and oneness of all creation.

The uniqueness of Ruhaniyat is that most of the artists are real practitioners of Mystic traditions and hence they are able to convey the complex and lofty thoughts in a winsome manner. It is a reminder to every soul to evolve and love unconditionally.


Ruhaniyat In Istanbul:

Come come wherever you are and wherever you find yourself, from any dark corner or exhausted back bench. Come however you are” - Rumi

Rumi the immortal Sufi saint of Turkey continues to inspire people around the world even today. His teachings became the base for the order of the Mevlevi. Rumi encouraged Sama, listening to music and turning or doing the sacred dance.

Istanbul is a city that has experienced the most amazing spiritual, historical and cultural works by some of the finest poets, sculptors, painters from different parts of the world. Best described as the connecting point of Asia and Europe, it has imbibed the strengths of both the continents. Deeply rooted in the rich cultural values, it is also a warm, welcoming friend to the world.

Hence it is the best suited place where the love for culture and tradition is inherent in the audiences, to present the flagship event Ruhaniyat that talk of universal brotherhood and oneness of all creation.



To present Ruhaniyat beyond Indian Shores

We are open to presenting this festival anywhere in the world to spread the message of Universal Brotherhood, Unconditional Love, Total Surrender of Ego and, Peace. 
For more details and queries mail us at:

For artists who wish to participate in Ruhaniyat anywhere in India

Carriers of various Sufi and Mystic traditions from around the world who would like to participate in Ruhaniyat can send their  DVDs/Audio CDs to Banyan Tree Events.

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First edition of Ruhaniyat in Istanbul will feature:

Rumi-Emre meet Khusrau-Kabir : an Indo-Turkish production - Latif Bolat & Whirling Dervishes (Turkey) with
Madan Gopal Singh & Chaar Yaar (India)-

The Indo-Turkish production titled “Rumi-Emre meet Khusrau-Kabir” is a specially designed concept by Mahesh Babu the festival Director. Two learned scholar-composers; Latif Bolat from Mersin, Turkey along with Madangopal Singh (and his Chaar Yaar group) from India and Whirling Dervishes from Konya, Turkey will come together to present this enchanting production that will take the audience on a unique musical journey crisscrossing history and geography with amazing ease. 


Baul Songs - Parvathy Baul (West Bengal, India)

Baul is the song of the inner body, of the yogis of India that leads to spiritual revelation. The poetry for Baul is written by the great Souls. Typically Baul songs have two layers of meaning, one which is apparent and understood by all and the other which is hidden and can be grasped only by people with deeper understanding. Baul songs talk about tattvas, (the elements) and at times they also describe the path of spiritual sadhana; the learning process a seaker walks. Some of them are also in praise of the gurus. Essentially Baul songs are reflections of one’s practices as a sadhak; a seeker,along the spiritual path. 

Parvathy Baul is one of the very few lady Baul singers who initiated into this mystic tradition of West Bengal in India. It is an amazing sight to watch her sing full throttle with her duggi- the little drum and her ektara- the string instrument that she plays as she sings and dances with her chiming anklets.


Tannoua - Dancing Dervishes (Egypt)

Tannoura itself means the skirt worn by the dancer and also the dance. The dance has several depictions which is said to be a form of prayer. The dance involves spinning continuously around one’s axis. It depicts a union with the Universe. Also, there are many layers of symbolism to this dance like for instance; the skirts depict the ego of the human being. Towards the end the dancers shower blessings on the audience who witness the dance.


Sufi Kalam & Mystic Songs - Manganiyar Group (Rajasthan, India)

The Manganiyars from Jaisalmer and Barmer districts of Rajasthan in India are hereditary musicians who provide music for all occasions. Hereditary, because all they do all their life is to create music for their patrons’ family on all occasions; right from child birth to wedding to any celebration in the patrons’ family.

As a group they represent India in a unique manner. Their colorful turbans, exotic instruments and powerful voices with an irresistible rustic charm are a huge hit among audiences around the world.

Kachra Khan is one of the most accomplished and popular singers of the Manganiyar community. He has a very powerful voice and specialise in singing Kalams of Sufi saints like Baba Bullesha & Shah Latif.


Arabic Mystic Music - Mohammed Farghaly (India)

Arabic Mystic music, an ancient tradition from Egypt will be presented in a very special form by an innovative Oud maestro Mohammed Farghaly.

Needless to add, a festival with such unique features is something that is truly never-before presentation for the music lovers of Istanbul and is sure to enthral the learned and uninitiated alike.



For artists who wish to participate in Ruhaniyat

Carriers of various Sufi and Mystic traditions from around d the world who would like to participate in Ruhaniyat can send their  DVDs/Audio CDs to Banyan Tree Events.

Or mail their links at or





City Date Time Venue
IstanBul 17 May 2014 7.30pm / Sat Mustafa Kemal Hall, Istanbul Technical University



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17 May 2014 Mustafa Kemal Hall, Istanbul Technical University
Time 7.30pm
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